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Disadvantages of owning a Mini Pinscher


  1. He may challenge other unknown and potentially much larger dogs, which could lead to injury or, in the worst case scenario, death.  They think they are bigger than they actually are and are quite protective of their owners.
  2. His teeth may be a problem.  They need constant maintenance but could still be lost at an early age. 
  3. He does not take well to being boarded in a kennel if you need to leave him for a period of time (even overnight).
  4. Because he wants to spend so much time being close to you, you might find that he is constantly underfoot.
  5. The Min Pin may not be suitable for families with children under four years of age, due to the size of the dog and the unpredictable, unsteady movements of young children.
  6. He may become dehydrated quickly, as many toy dogs do.  If this happens, he needs veterinary attention immediately. 
  7. Potty training takes longer and requires a definite commitment on your part.
  8. You must be careful choosing products to use on your floor and lawn to prevent accidental poisoning.
  9. The behavior of his human family can contribute to behavior problems.  Loud arguments may stress him out, causing him to become loud himself.  Rushing, packing suitcases or leaving him alone too often may cause him to follow you constantly, sit on your suitcases or shoes as you try to leave or even hide from you as he doesn’t want to be left alone.  Your activities could cause him to become nervous or upset, but only because he loves you and is afraid to be without you.

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