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Common Miniature Pinscher barking scenarios explained


Barking from his or her room or crate

(You might find this barking-related advice helpful whether or not you travel)


We almost always bring our Min Pin Baron with us when we travel. It’s one of the advantages of having a small dog.


But if we’re staying in a hotel (that accepts dogs), we don’t want him to bark when we’re out.


So here’s what we do:


1.      We take him outside so he can take care of business

2.      If we brought his crate, we’ll put him in it. If not, we’ll leave him in the bathroom with the fan on, a couple of towels and a water dish

3.      We mute noise from outside (like doors slamming in the hallway, the bellman, people talking) by turning on the TV

4.      We tell him he’s a “good boy,” to “night-night,” and that we’ll see him later, and

5.      We hang the “do not disturb” sign so he doesn’t have to startle “intruders” like maid service, or the guy checking the mini-bar



Barking at doorbells or the front door

Even a small dog’s bark can be annoying or even frightening to your guests.  But what do you do when your Min Pin barks every time someone comes near the house?


He could be feeling a few different things: anxiety that someone he doesn’t know is coming into his home, possessiveness over his belongings, excitement that someone new is there to pay attention to him. 


Watch what is going on around the house when the doorbell rings.  Do the kids all jump up and run for the door?  Obviously this kind of ruckus will get your dog excited.  Have your kids get up slowly and walk to answer the door. 


Consider what your dog might be trying to tell you.  He may think he’s doing a great job by letting you know someone is there, so praise him by saying “Thank you, good boy,” and then telling him to “Settle.”  This will take some persistence, but eventually a quick bark to let you know someone is visiting should be all that you hear out of him. 


Teach your visitors not to give the dog a great deal of attention when they come into your home.  If he knows he is about to be spoiled with treats and ear rubs when someone comes over, he will become excited and anxious hoping that that person is on the other side of the door. 


Don’t resort to using the crate as punishment when your dog gets too excited over guests.  This can be very counterproductive as he will start to dislike the crate if he is tossed into it every time you have company.  He might start to resent people coming over as well if he is crated every time you have guests.  Instead, focus on teaching him how to behave when you have guests.


Barking in windows

If I’m around and hear my dog barking in the window, I’ll go check it out.


Usually he’s barking because he spotted another dog walking across the street (he’s not interested in the people—just their dog). Or he’s staring at a squirrel.


When I see what’s caught his attention, I’ll tell him “good boy, thank you.” The simple acts of showing up when he barks and then rewarding him with a thank you for his barks reassure my dog that he’s done a good job keeping a look out for strange creatures. Usually the barking stops, but the tail wagging and gazing out the window continues.


Barking in neighborhood

An untrained dog can be a nuisance to your neighbors.  As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your pup fits in well in the community.  When your dog is outside, he must always be fenced into your yard or on a leash.  Never leave him in the yard to bark for attention.  This behavior signals that he is bored, frightened or feels neglected.  To keep him from barking outside, keep him busy while he is out and reward his good behavior with praise. 

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