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Which Brand of Dog Food is Best for a Miniature Pinscher?

There are too many different brands of dog food to list. To make it easy, I group dog food into two categories: cheap dog food, and expensive dog food.  Personally, I’d stay away from low quality and cheap dog foods. Unless you’re a big fan of junk food yourself, don’t feed your dog junk.  Correction… even IF you’re a fan of junk foods, your dog deserves a better diet than that!


In the expensive food category, you’ll hear find Science Diet, Nutro, and Eukanuba.  Wellness is a good example of a healthy, natural dog food.  Here's a nice list of high quality, holistic foods:



Artemis || AvoDerm || Back to Basics || Blue Buffalo || California Natural || Canidae || Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul || Eagle Pack || Flint River Ranch || Fromm Family Foods || Great Life || Innova || Karma Organic || Life's Abundance || Merrick || Natural Balance || Natural Life || Nature's Recipe || Nature's Variety || Newman's Own Organics || NutriSource || O&M Pet Products || Pet Promise || PHD Products|| Pinnacle || Premium Edge || PRO PAC || Royal Canin || Sensible Choice|| Sojos || Solid Gold || Sportsman's Pride || Timberwolf Organics || Triumph || Ultra Holistic || Wellness || Wysong



Whether you feed him dry or wet dog food is up to you and your dog.  We choose to use dry food because it is better for his teeth and the stool is easier to clean up. 


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