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Housebreaking a Mini Pin

Technically, there are many ways of housebreaking a miniature pinscher. Supposedly also, there should be only one successful ending. However, not all Min Pins have the same capacity and speed of learning. Some may take longer to learn their "business," while others can take less than two weeks. This procedure is of course done best if the Min Pin is still very young. An older Min Pin can be housebroken in due time but only after a considerable period of learning.

The basic formula for housebreaking a miniature pinscher is: procedure, patience, praise and a lot of paper. Before we discuss some of the proven effective procedures for housebreaking a miniature pinscher, let us first discuss the other parts of the formula.

Housebreaking a miniature pinscher entails a great deal of patience. Its like potty training a child -- you can't expect it to perform properly with its first few tries. If your pet has an "accident," do not punish it. And please, do not rub your dog's nose in it. This archaic practice is so long phased out that it's already considered maltreatment. You certainly do the same if your child has a similar accident -- or at least, we should hope not. In any case, a forceful but quiet "No," should suffice for the occasion as a verbal reprimand.

An essential tool for housebreaking your pet is praise. You should always praise or reward your dog if it performs a successful trip to the potty. This way, it associates a natural body function to a specified location, which it associates to something good. Fear is not an option for housebreaking any animal. In all likelihood, fear may even cause more "accidents" to happen. You need not reward you pet Min Pin everything he goes to the potty, but you are encouraged to at least praise it every time it does.

Some people use newspapers, other use potty pads -- whatever you decide to use for your pet, make sure you have lots of it. Your pet will go through it like fire, and it does not make your life easier if you suddenly run out of paper to clean up doggy litter.

So now, let us tackle the different procedures. Different techniques work with different dogs regardless of the breed. Find one that best suits you and your pet -- or if possible, create a technique that is of your own. When dogs perform their business, they tend to leave a scent mark on one particular spot. And then they tend to return to this spot every time they have to use the potty. You can actually use this natural tendency to your advantage.

One procedure is to create a doggy "bathroom" a space (for example, a corner of the yard) where he can do his business properly. Make sure that you include going to the doggy bathroom as part of your pet's daily routine. If your dog keeps having "accidents" in the house, try placing potty paper where he is most likely to do the potty again. When it does, make sure you take the potty to the doggy bathroom. Gradually (and this may take weeks on end,) move your potty paper from inside the house to the doggy bathroom.
Sooner or later, when your Min Pin pet associates the paper with his natural bodily functions, you can dispense with the potty paper altogether. It is essential that you keep the dog bathroom accessible to your pet. A sudden change of "scenery" (so to speak) may only inconvenience you.

Other techniques of housebreaking a miniature pinscher include: using a litter box and using crates.

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