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How long do Miniature Pinschers Live?

In the Life of a Miniature Pinscher

Every dog has a number of years that they will live happily in their home. Just like any other creature, the life expectancy for this specific breed of dog will vary according to their genetic make-up and what this means to the dog. For Miniature Pinschers, these same set of expectations apply. By knowing how long your dog might be expected to live, you can be sure to find the best ways to care for her.

On average, a Min Pin can be expected to live to be up to fifteen years old. If you’re considering getting a Miniature Pinscher, you should also expect to be committed to the dog for that amount of time. Of course, some people have been fortunate to have their special pets live to be up to nineteen. This is a rare case; however, and should not be part of the expectancy when you are deciding if this is the dog for you.

The most important thing to understanding the dog years is to know how to get your dog to live all fifteen years out happily. The most important part of this is making sure that they stay healthy. Feeding them right and providing them with daily nutrients is one way to ensure that your dog will have a fulfilled lifetime. Part of this health will also include your abilities to keep your dog exercising so he doesn’t get overweight. Being overweight can be a major cause for some Min Pins not achieving their full life expectancy. In general, Miniature Pinschers should weight an average of eight to eleven pounds, varying only by the height.

Just as people develop health conditions the older they get, so will your Miniature Pinscher. Some problems are easier to avoid than others. Some problems can be treated to lessen the symptoms. This includes your dog’s teeth.

Always keep an eye on their teeth. Helping your Miniature Pinscher keep his teeth clean by regular brushing, proper diet, and chew toys can be the single biggest gift you give him to help him lead a longer, fuller life. Bad teeth means bad breath, means bacteria, means infection, means bad blood, means your dog’s immune system and heart have to work a lot harder. So make sure to check your dog’s teeth regularly and to get him to the vet when you spot any problems.

More than the basics of health for a long life for Min Pins are the need to know what health issues are directly related to Min Pins. The most common cause of early loss with this type of dog is form type two diabetes. This is mostly related to overweight Min Pins that and unable to exercise as much as needed. If you want to help your Min Pin live longer life, try following some of the basics tips mentioned above.

Another less known fact relates to breeding. For female dogs, having a litter of puppies can be strenuous on their life span. As soon as they have been bred, and have had puppies, their body will begin to change at a faster rate. Hormone levels will alter first. Having a litter of puppies will also take a large amount of energy, which will in turn, cause the dog to age at a faster rate. If you want to breed a Min Pin, know that this will shorten her lifespan.

The life expectancy of a Min Pin, in dog years, is higher than many other dogs. As long as you keep your dog healthy and happy, you can expect to keep him around for a long time. Regular check-ups and daily attention to what your Min Pin needs is a simple way to ensure that he remains your companion for many years to come.

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