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Min Pins - King of Toys

Min Pins - A very short background on Miniature Pinscher dogs

Min Pins, short for Miniature Pinschers, were first developed in Germany in the 1830s.  These dogs were bred with German Pinschers, Manchesters, and Dachshunds in order to give them specific characteristics as a working dog as well as companion.  Min Pins became so popular so quickly, that they were soon known as the king of toy breeds, a name these dog still carry today.

The thought behind Min Pins was to produce a smaller strain of dog, largely to be used on ships to arrest vermin. As most would believe, it would be best to take cats for this aim. However, the cats that were used were not capable to get onto the ships because of the manner the forest wood from the decks affected them. The better resolution was to spawn a smaller dog that could take the place of the cats. When the changes in the dogs began to be made the breeders went after two things: a smaller size and a higher sum of vitality to assist on the boats.

The Miniature Pinschers rapidly grew into an associate dog as easily as a hunter of vermin. The size of the Min Pins became appealing to the women in Germany, as most saw them as better home companions as easily as hunters. Because of this incidental thought, the dogs rapidly moved into being bred to get still smaller in size. This is where the dogs were bred with Dachshunds in decree to produce a red color and tiny structure to the Min Pins. Of course, the notion of having a smaller dog is just as appealing to men now as it was to women so. Miniature Pinschers are known to have characteristics such as being a more courageous and vigorous dog, something that many men may care for in a smaller dog.

These are the origins which have allowed Min Pins to gain some of their major attributes that some may notice today.  The first of these attributes is that Min Pins are loyal companions to their owners, even more so than some other dogs.  The second is that these dogs were bred in order to find and catch vermin, meaning that they will chase smaller animals and have also gained the attribute of being able to dig in order to find the rodents.  This also means that your Miniature Pinscher has a higher amount of energy and will most likely need something to do even beyond the walks that you want to take them on.

Even though Min Pins were created by combining breeds and ideas from men, these dogs have achieved some of the greatest attributes of dogs.  If you like a higher energy animal and are also interested in one that you know will stay by your side as a companion, then Min Pins are the way to go.  The beginnings of these dogs and how they came about has led to their greatness.

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