Information About Dog breeders

Dog breeding is the vocation of mating carefully selected specimens to produce specific qualities and characteristics.

Litters of puppies and their mothers should have clean, comfortable bedding.

At its best, breeding is a blend of science and art. The skilled breeder has knowledge of canine genetics and health, and the purpose for which his dogs will be used.

At worst, breeding can be a slipshod enterprise in which the major concern is profit, with little regard to the health and welfare of the dogs involved. Breedins is often done by so-called ‘backyard breeders’ (the pejorative term for random or ignorant breeding conducted on a small scale), and ‘puppy mills’ or ‘puppy farms’ (larger businesses). It must be pointed out, however, that many excellent breeders run small-scale programs in their homes, barns, or back yards, and there are profitable large-scale operations run with knowledgeable staff and superlative veterinary care, so size and motive alone are not indicative of the quality of the breeding program.